10 Essential Firefox Addons for Every-day Web Surfing

10 Essential Firefox Add-onsHere you’ll find some essential Firefox addons that will greatly enhance your daily browsing experience.

Being the browser that liberated the world from Internet Explorer will always be one of its greatest achievements.

More impressive though is how Mozilla has managed to compete with the speed demons of Google Chrome, and Safari.

And it still has the best list of well supported add-ons out there.

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  1. Add to Search Bar
  2. Autofill Forms
  3. Buffer for Firefox
  4. Download Manager Tweak
  5. Easy YouTube Video Downloader
  6. FoxClocks
  7. Google Translator for Firefox
  8. New Tab Homepage
  9. Search Preview
  10. Secure Login

Bonus Add-ons

NOTE: You can add or remove buttons to your Firefox toolbar by going to View >> Toolbars >> Customize…

10 essential firefox addons

Add to Search Bar

This add-on makes it easy to add any websites search function to your list of available search engines.

Lets say you’re a big movie buff like me and want to be able to search Rotten Tomatoes any time. Just visit their site, right-click on their search bar, and choose Add to Search Bar…

Add to Search Bar - Firefox Extension

Then give the search engine a name (I usually shorten it to just the name of the site) and press OK.

Now the search shows up in the search engine drop-down list in Firefox. Just select the one you want, enter a term and press return to get searching!

Search Engines Firefox

But there’s more!

Now whenever you’re casually browsing and come across a movie title on Twitter or wherever, all you need do is highlight the title, right click and choose Search Rotten Tomatoes for “highlighted text”.

Instant Search Firefox

Or if you want to search what people are saying about Frankenweenie on Twitter, just change the search engine to Twitter and repeat.

Instant convenient inline search!

Autofill Forms

Sick of entering your information every time you get to a form? With one click this add-on will fill in all your preset information.

Just setup your default profile from the settings menu and the next time you see one of those damn forms, just press the autofill button once.

Autofill Settings

Buffer for Firefox

Makes it easy to add the current web page item to your Buffer account that can then be shared with Facebook and Twitter.

What is Buffer? It’s the best way to spread out your social media efforts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and extend the reach of your posts.

Let’s say you’ve found a great video you want to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Just click the Buffer button on the Firefox toolbar and the buffer window opens up.

Buffer button

Buffer Window

Select the networks you want to post to, then click the Add to Buffer button and boom! Your posts will go out to your fans and friends on the next scheduled time.

Download Manager Tweak

Allows you to make downloads load in a new tab as well as other customizations to downloading in Firefox.

Download Manager Tweak

Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Adds a download button to the YouTube website that lets you choose the quality and file type for offline viewing.

YouTube Downloader


Great for syncing with webinars or friends in other countries or working out the ideal social media posting times for certain networks.


Google Translator for Firefox

Quickly and easily translate a whole page or a section of selected text into your main language.

Google Translate Button

Google Translate - text section
Select the text you want to be able to read
Google Translated Text
Click the button and… Instant translation!

New Tab Homepage

Loads your default homepage when you open a new tab. A small thing but every little bit of convenience counts.

Search Preview

Google actually stores screenshots of websites. This makes them show up in search results.

Google Search Preview
Makes search results a little more scenic

Secure Login

Adds a one click login button to sites where you’ve stored your details. You’ll never have to remember your passwords again.

When the button goes gold that means you have stored details you can use. Just click it once and the add-on will insert your username and password as well as clicking the login button for you!

Secure Login

WordPress Login Screen
Getting into WordPress has never been easier
 photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flod/3092381868/

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