3 things every successful website does

I know that’s a big statement but stick with me.

First let’s define successful.

Any successful site will:

  • Communicate instantly to it’s target audience or readership
  • Provide enough incentive to make you take action
  • Successfully satisfy the needs and desires of it’s audience & make them want to share it

Obviously everyone wants something different from their website.

Some people just want to blog and let loose with who they are.

Others want to sell something, build a following, or build a new arm of their business online.


If we narrow down the principles, or the things common across all these motives we discover some interesting things.

3 things every successful website does

  1. Has a strong idea about what it does and who it is for
  2. Makes it as easy as possible for the visitor to take action, and provides triggers that create trust.
  3. Creates something special or provides some service that allows people to learn, connect, feel something or benefit in some way

Some examples:


  1. Provides retail therapy from anywhere in the world
  2. Has an established reputation with a reliable interface
  3. Allows us to buy and sell anything online with a degree of confidence


  1. Is the ultimate online encyclopedia for anyone with an internet connection
  2. Has a rock solid user experience that is fast and predictable
  3. Provides information on just about anything and everything you can imagine


  1. Provides lifestyle and self-development advice for people wanting more out of life
  2. Has a very clean blog format with an author that is transparent about his life and experience
  3. Shares deeply insightful ideas about life and solutions to problems


Remember a website is just a medium for the exchange of certain feelings and solutions for the visitor.

How can this be made clearer to yourself and your audience?

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