Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post

Anatomy of the perfect blog postThe anatomy of the perfect blog post is a guide you can use to maximize the engagement and readability of your articles.

Combining this with practical usability guidelines, formatting to increase readability and relevant content will help make your blog posts more compelling to your target audience.

We’ll also be using copywriting, content curation and an awareness of SEO – a tricky mix of qualities that take time to master.

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Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post

Compelling headline that draws your reader in (Article Title)

Anatomy of the perfect blog postThis opening sentence is called the lede and is the second most important bit of copy on your page after the headline.

If possible it should be short and speak directly to the needs and desires of your readers.

Sub-header contains keywords make a promise or share a benefit (H2 header)

This is the main content area and should immediately appeal to people’s emotional needs and lay out your main points in a no-fuss kind of way.

Use plenty of line-breaks to make your article digestible. Use bold and italics and other formatting where appropriate to highlight your most important ideas.

Why you need to use bullets:

  • They make your ideas easy to read
  • It simplifies your main points into bites

1. It can be very useful to use numbering especially if you’re doing how-to articles.
2. It also creates a sense of progress and achievement to use numbers.

A quote can be a great way to add spice to an article. Having words from famous people makes you sound awesome ~ I said that.

Second sub-header (Header 2 or 3)

Right-hand- aligned imageIf you have more to say by all means, keep going.

There’s nothing wrong with extended articles as long as the writing is excellent and the topic gets you fired up.

At this point it might be good to include another relevant image. Or you might have a video you want to add.

Just paste in the URL of the video directly into your post and WordPress does the rest.

If you want your readers to take any kind of action, make it clear now.

Call to action or final thoughts

Lastly you might include an invitation to comment.

This tends to work best if you make it a specific request such as “What’s been your experience with XYZ. We’d love to know in the comments”

More on headlines

More about the lede

Usability and Formatting

How much more engagement and ROI could you achieve by following this guide?

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