How to create an about page that builds trust and credibility

Trust: It’s something you can only build with others

The most important page on your website is your about page.

Yes I know it seems strange that other people would want to know about YOU.

But it makes a lot of sense. 

Despite the internet being made up of lots of wires and massive cold rooms for data centres, as well as all the mobile internet around the world, there is one thing we know.

Most internet users are human beings. Most…

All this craziness and exploding technology is just so that people can connect in 5 million different ways.

If you have Google analytics setup on your WordPress website you will soon notice one page consistently coming up in the results.

For it is often around the 7th most visited page.

About Me Page Stats in Google Analytics
Your About page is crucial to the success of your site

Even though the landscape we inhabit has changed, our human needs really haven’t.

And being the internet where there is little face to face communication, the need for trust is even higher than in person.

Faces and personal stories are critical to people coming to like, or respect you at the very least.

Once they like you or feel some kind of connection, then they will interact and eventually, maybe buy what you have to offer.

The bottom line?

If you want to build trust with your audience, having a good about me page is critical.

In fact, if you’re creating a blog or any site for that matter, it should be one of the first pages you work on.

So what elements constitute a great about page?

1. A compelling headline

A benefit driven title will give people a reason to read more and appeals to their self-interest.

Good copywriters say they spend 50% of their time on the headline so don’t just gloss over this one and certainly, once you have something you are happy with improve it if you can as well.


If you’re a WordPress noob you’re in the right place

2. A Strong lede

This is a term from the paper publishing days and it’s a strong paragraph of text that outlines the basic story and makes you want to read the rest of the article. It’s an idea that works equally well for all your posts and especially sales pages obviously.

3. A professional image of yourself or your team

If you don’t have something professional where you look friendly and approachable don’t bother. I see to many people using dodgy pictures and they are much better off with nothing.


A good relaxed image can make people feel like they know you or that you’re someone they would want to share a beer or a cup of tea with.

4. Testimonials and social proof

You can mix it in with your text or make a special section but social proof is powerful.

People trust what others say about you more than your own sales pitch.

Put in here whatever great reviews you’ve gotten, or friendly emails of acknowledgement you’ve received. Make sure to get permission from anyone relevant first of course but you must have at least some type of testimonial here.

If you have a strong Linkedin profile you can include a link here for an extra boost of credibility.

5. Some personal insight

Despite what you might think people are interested in you and your motives. Spell out clearly why you have created your site. Don’t try to blow out the reasons, just be authentic.

If it’s a business site, reveal why you started the company and what drives you to create your products or services.

If you’re a blogger, share some insight into who you are and what makes you want to publish.

Be clear, brief and transparent and people will respond in kind.

6. A call to action

There’s nothing wrong with being salesy as long as it’s made clear. It’s ok to ask people to do things. In fact research shows people like to be directed when they relate to the source whether its an individual or a company.

If you have any current deals or specials going on, you can also try some sales links.


We love to interact with our readers so please leave a comment and we’ll reply to all genuine questions.

Use these ideas and we promise your life will be better for it.

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7. Sign-up forms and offers

Your about page is a good place to include sign-up forms as it can convert really well.


So with all this in mind, make sure you revise your about page and make it more personal, focused and compelling.

Could your about page do with a re-write?

We’d love to see your about page

Feel free to post a link to your about page here. Let us know if you would like feedback and we’ll be as useful as we can.


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    • says

      G’day Jeremiah.

      Thanks for posting the link to your page.

      It’s great you’ve got comments enabled on your about page that’s a good idea.

      A few suggestions to improve your about page:

      Call it About me or About us if that’s more appropriate and make it distinguishable in the navigation. People will click on it more often.

      I would also suggest breaking up some of the paragraphs to make them more readable and include an approachable picture of yourself as long as you feel comfortable with that.

      Just remember you are asking for people’s time. Get a step ahead of most other people on the web and be upfront about who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

      You will gain more of their trust and then your whole website will work better.

      Hope that helps.

      Keep writing! Cheers.

    • says

      Hello Sarah.

      You’ve got some good testimonials but we really need to know more about you.

      Also, putting the about page up in the top navigation is not a good idea if there is not a lot of content.

      Of course it should be related to your business and ideally framed in such a way that your target audience understands what you can do for them.

      Go through some of the other points in this article and see if you can implement more of them. I know it can be tough to sit down and write but believe me it is worth it.

      Have a look at the about me page on this site. I still think it could be improved and include more compelling calls to action.

      Have a look at the Analytics reports on your site and you’ll discover just how much work this all-important page needs to be doing. If you don’t have GA installed on your site, make it happen here:

      Have a good one, :-)

    • says


      Your about page is excellent. You tell a very personal story that draws you in to your world and your motivation for creating the blog.

      To finish your book and hone your writing skills.

      I also really like the series of portraits showing yourself in various states of mind!

      For a personal blog such as yours the guidelines are much less stringent for an effective about page but I would add one thing at the end:

      That is to simply invite the reader to comment and interact with you on any articles that they enjoy. To tell people that are reading what you would like them to do.

      That’s it. Apart from a call to action I think it’s awesome.

      There, that was honest. :-)

      Keep writing!

      • says

        Hey Herrin,

        Strange – I’ve spent 20 years (started as a child you know) in advertising and design recommending “call to action” forms etc. …never thought to do it myself.

        Thanks for pointing it out – shoot from the hip dude!

        Done it! Sounds a little flat though but I’ve put it in for now and might play with the words later.

        Thanks again.


        ps. so if you think it’s awesome does that mean you’re a follower now? ;o)

        • says

          Cool that you’re used to all this design stuff Zak.

          Yes children are good at making their ‘call to action’ nice and clear hey?

          As adults we sometimes struggle to give ourselves permission to do the same. Especially over the internet as we usually do not put a face to our visitors and even then sometimes we can’t be sure.

          Could that really be Jabba the Hut that just left a comment on my site?

          But seriously it’s more of a challenge when it’s something artistic and personal like writing, or music.

          Following your blog now yes. Through I think.

          Keep the pen/keys moving!


          • says

            Thank you for all your help – and the follow. I’m flattered – *big cheesy grin*
            I’d better get on with writing the book now.

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