How to add a PayPal button to WordPress

How to add a PayPal button to WordPressThis will show you how to add a PayPal button to WordPress. These can be used to receive donations as well as accept payments for courses or shipped products.

The process used in this guide will work with free sites, as well as self-hosted ones.

How to add a PayPal button to WordPress

To be able to accept payments of any kind, you first need to have at least a Business or Premium account on PayPal. You can upgrade your account here.

1. Create the button code in PayPal.

Login to your PayPal account and click here.

This will open the button creator page.

PayPal Buy Now Button

Once you’ve configured it to your needs, click the Create Button button.

PayPal will present you with 2 sets of codes: Website and Email.

2. Copy the email link.

Click on the Email tab and copy the link.

Email PayPal Button

This URL can be used in emails or on any web page to sell your product or services through PayPal.

Adding a Buy Now link to WordPress

1. Compose your post or page content.

2. Highlight the text you want to turn into a buy now or donate link.

3. Click the link button and paste in the Email link.

Buy Now Link in WordPress

Adding a PayPal Button link to WordPress

1. Find a button image that you want to use.

PayPal Buy Now Button

You can search on Google or use the official PayPal buttons.

2. Place the button and create the link.

Upload the image you want to use into your page and click it once to highlight it. Click the link button on the WordPress editor.

Link Button WordPress Editor

Paste in the email link we copied before.

PayPal Button Image Link

 Adding a PayPal button to the WordPress Sidebar

1. Compose the image and text links using the WordPress post editor.

Navigate to Posts >> Add New and compose your text or image links to look and behave as required.

Buy Now button sidebar

2. Copy the HTML code.

Click the Text tab and copy the code in the main editor window.

PayPal Buy Now Text Code

3. Paste the code into a new text widget.

Navigate to Appearance >> Widgets, drag a new text widget into your sidebar and paste the HTML from the previous step into the main text widget area.

Text Widget PayPal Button

Click the Save button.

4. Preview the button and links on your site.

Buy Now Widget Sidebar

Now you can get in touch with your network and start promoting your product or service.

Questions? Let us know in the comments. :-)

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