How to make a static page your homepage in WordPress

The first thing people read and see on your website is of paramount importance.

In our case I want people to see the free reports and email sign-up for WordPress beginners first, and then the blog because we’re publishing regular WordPress tips.

Here’s the problem though…

By default, WordPress uses the index.php file for the homepage. This basically puts the blog summary page (like on this site) as your front.

That’s fine if you’re an avid blogger. But what if you’re an artist or small business that wants to make their portfolio or sales pitch their home page?

This method allows you to work on this draft page and only switch it over when you’re happy with it.

How to make a static page your homepage

1. Create a new page by going to Pages >> Add New. You might want to read, how to post to WordPress first.

You can call the page ‘Welcome’ or whatever you want to show up as your page title.

2. Publish your page.

3. Go to Settings >> Reading, select A static page.

4. On the Front page: drop-down, choose the page we created previously and click the Save Changes button.


Home Page - Reading settings in WordPress

That’s it!

Now your new page will show up when you go to

Still want your blog to show up?

1. Create a new page and call it ‘Blog’.

2. In the Page Attributes tab on the page edit screen, under the Template drop-down you should see one called Blog.

Page Attributes - WordPress

NOTE: This depends on the theme you have installed. If you do not see this option your theme requires some editing in the template pages. Or.. you can use a new theme that does give you this option. :-)

3. Press Publish and then go back to Settings >> Reading and select the blog page we just created as your Posts Page.

Once you have done this you may now want to manage your WordPress websites navigation menus to reflect the changes to your site.


You now have control over your homepage, blog page and the menus on your site as well!

Did you have any issues with this? Lets us know in the comments.

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