How to setup Google Analytics Goals to track conversions

How to setup Google Analytics Goals
Track and increase conversions

This will show you how to setup Google Analytics goals to track conversions on your website.

Goals are a great way to see who are your most engaged visitors and where they’re coming from.

This allows you to refine your promotion and marketing strategies.

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.

Haven’t got Google Analytics setup on WordPress yet? Follow this guide.

How to setup Google Analytics Goals

Here we’ll be setting up tracking for 3 important metrics:

  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Visit duration
  • Page views

Newsletter Sign-Up Goal

Here we’re going to set up our email subscription thank you page as a final URL so that we can see the path they took to arrive there.

1. Go to your Google Analytics standard reports

2. Click on the Admin button in the top right

3. Click on Goals

Google Analytics Goals

4. Click Create a Goal and choose Sign up from the Engagement section.

Google Analytics Engagement Template

5. Give the goal a name and go to the next step.

Goal Template Google Analytics Goals

6. Enter the page URL of the final page that people are sent to when they confirm their email address.

If you’ve organized an enticement for your subscribers, this would also be the place they download their free report or media file.

Don’t enter in the full URL. Use only what comes after your domain. If the full URL is then you only need to enter /thank-you into the field.

7. Set the Destination drop-down to Begins with.

Goals Details Google Analytics

8. Click Save Goal and your goal is created.

Now when you go to your Google analytics you can click on Conversions >> Goals >> Overview to see reports for your goals.

Google Analytics Goals Reports

Visit Duration Goal

This will allow you to see who is spending a minimum amount of time on your website as a way of measuring engagement.

1. Create a new goal and choose custom in the template area.

2. Give your goal a name and select Duration for the goal type.

Duration Goal - Google Analytics

3. Enter a value into the Duration section. 6 minutes is a good starting time but it will depend on your content.

Goal Duration Time - Google Analytics

You can click Verify this Goal to test the results from this setup.

4. Click Create Goal.

Page Views Goal

This allows you to see who’s viewing a minimum number of pages as a way of measuring engagement.

1. Create a new goal and choose custom type.

2. Give your goal a name and choose Pages/Screens per visit as your goal type.

Goal description 2pages or more

3. Enter a value into the field. Here 2 pages or more viewed in a single session.

Pages per visit - Google Analytics Goals

4. Click Save Goal.

Now you can login to your Google Analytics reports and begin to see who is engaging with your content and signing up for your newsletter.

Valuable to know where to put more of your promotional efforts!

Questions? Let us know in the comments.

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